Technical information


Seves glass blocks offer excellent thermal insulating properties while still allowing natural light transmission. When installed using Ezylay Installation Systems, they have been assessed and certified by WERS for both mortar & silicone installation.

Download WERS certificate – mortar installation.
Download WERS certificate – silicone installation.


Seves glass blocks also offer excellent acoustic properties. Varying acoustic ratings can be achieved by using different types of glass blocks. This makes glass blocks a great solution for blocking noise from busy roads, noisy neighbours, or even under commercial flight paths.


Glass blocks can be used control the amount of light entering a room and also control the degree of transparency, allowing for both comfort and privacy where required.
Standard, colorless glass blocks offer 80% light transmission, while lower levels can be obtained using color tinted or frosted (etched) glass blocks.
Seves glass blocks are available in a wide variety of designs offering various degrees of privacy, ranging from complete transparency almost obscurity.
Light Diffusing or Light Directing glass blocks can also be used control the amount and direction/angle of light entering a room.
Please consult your Glass Brick Company representative for advice on which design will best suit your project requirements.


The below table shows performance data for selected Seves Glass Blocks. Declaration of performance data sheets are available on request for all Seves Glass Blocks.

Range Glass brick type Light trans % U-value g-value % Sound (dB)
Design Q19 colorless 80 2.6 78 39
Design Q19 Nordica (grey) 50 2.6 67 39
Design Q19 Satin (etched) 61 2.6 68 39
Design Q19 Nordica Satin 33 2.6 57 39
Basic 1919/8 colorless 80 3.0 79 37
Basic 1919/8 grey tint 53 3.0 69 37
Tech. 1919/8 BSH20 71 2.8 69 42
Tech. 1919/8 F30 61 2.2 50 47
Tech. 1919/16 F60 50 1.8 50 49
Tech. 1919/16 F90 38 1.4 31 51


Another feature of glass blocks is their ability meet high security standards. Different glass blocks have varying glass thicknesses and can be installed with varying degrees of reinforcement provide the strength and security suit your project needs.

Certain Technology range glass blocks have been subject ballistic testing for bullet resistance, making them ideal for use in buildings where security is critical.

m:8px;”>Residential applications:

  • Entry sidelights
  • Garage window
  • S area window
  • Enclosing balconies/entertaining areas

m:8px;”>Commercial applications:

  • Banks
  • Police stations
  • Military establishments
  • Correctional facilities


Glass Brick Company exclusively uses Ezylay Glass Brick Installation Systems for both mortar and silicone installation. Ezylay Installation Systems have been tested and certified for wind loading and water penetration by a NATA approved testing labora Ezylay’s superior framing and reinforcement systems allow even silicone jointed panels be constructed up 5 metres wide in external applications. Mortar jointed panels can be constructed unlimited widths using expansion joints at least every 6 metres. Performance testing data is available on request.


Glass bricks can be constructed form stunning curved walls around stairwells, as internal diving walls, or even as a shower screen. How tight the curve can be constructed depends on the width of the glass brick.

Glass Block size Minimum internal radius
190x90x80 650mm
115x115x80 650mm
240x115x80 650mm
190x190x80 1050mm
240x240x80 1350mm


When installing glass paving in trafficable areas, the glass pavers often need comply with slip resistance requirements. This will most likely require the of the glass pavers be sandblasted ensure they comply. Glass Brick Company have had Seves glass pavers tested and certified by the CSIRO for slip resistance a rating of R10. Test certificate available on request.